Save A Child’s Heart (my perspective)

I figured since its still technically summer, I am still allowed to blog. And this post is at least a little bit travel related… I wanted to write a blog post about Save… Continue reading


Seeing as I can’t sleep I figured I’d write a bit about the past week Our trip (very unfortunately) came to an end in Croatia… Its been an amazing month and its really… Continue reading

Italia (or Eatalia?)

We spent 9 whole nights in Italy. More than we originally planned. The last 2 days in Munich were rainy, and we couldn’t wait to get somewhere warm.  We were supposed to stop… Continue reading

Berlin vs Munich

Forgive the grammatical/spelling errors…no time to edit 😦 Although its been quite a few days since we’ve left Berlin, I figured it would be fun to do a Berlin vs Munich comparison. My… Continue reading

Copenhagen + Malmo

Just when we thought we escaped a language where we couldn’t pronounce more than 2 syllables…we of course encountered another one. Danish is maybe a little bit more intuitive than Icelandic…but not much.… Continue reading


We arrived on June the 19th. Iceland is an island with a tiny population – about 320,000 (so about half the population of Mississauga). To be honest my 1st impression was that everything… Continue reading

The Beginning

Hey everyone, This will be the 1st of what will hopefully be a blog-full summer! I’ve been looking for an excuse to write a blog again but traveling is the best one I’ve… Continue reading